PC Custodian
Welcome to pccustodian.net!  I have been building, upgrading and repairing computers for the past 12 years.  I am very experienced with all the Microsoft desktop operating systems.  I am proficient in both hardware and software troubleshooting.  I have built over 1000+ computers and have repaired many more then that.  I am very experienced in completely removing viruses and spyware from Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP and Windows Vista.  While others opt to simply format and re-install Windows I will only consider doing that as a last resort.  I have set up and secured countless wireless networks including routers, access points and have used bridges to adjoin separate networks together.  I also work on Apple computers.  I have network experience with the Mac and offer setup, transfer and training services for those transitioning from PC to Mac.  I also offer remote repair services over the internet for those who are out of my service area or who find it more convenient.

I also have 5000+ hours experience in Photoshop and offer photo restoration services.  If you have old, faded, cracked and damaged photos I will scan them and fix them for you digitally so they can be re-printed in much better condition.  Please visit the rest of my site via the navigation buttons above for more information about my services. I also offer discounts for seniors 65+ years and older.

Thank you for visiting my site,

- Tim Porter